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Alfa AL Wedges Soft or Hardwood various sizes

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Product Code : 000102
Product Brand : alfaAutomation
Size and qty of wedges
Softwood or Medium/Hardwood
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The special steel “Power V-Lock™” wedges have been designed
to improve the quality of the mitre joint.
Its special design allows to get perfectly stable joins. The
very high quality steel along with the special silicon (lubricant
effect for a smoother penetration) we’ve selected in
many years of experience, make our wedges the best choice
in terms of quality available on the market.
They are manufactured in two main types:
• Type 11.0 – A+ Assembling machines and Minigraf
The “Power V-Lock ™” wedges, due to their specific design
ensures only perfect joins!
Data Sheet
Altezza / Sizes: H 05, 07, 10, 12, 15mm
Materiali / Materials: Legno / Wood, Plastica / Plastic, MDF
Codice colori / Color codes: Rosso / Red Materiali duri / Hard materials
Grigio / Grey Materiali medi / Medium materials
Varde / Green Materiali teneri / Soft materials
Confezionamento / Packing:
H 05mm 5.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 3.600.000 pcs./pallet
H 07mm 4.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 2.880.000 pcs./pallet
H 10mm/12mm 3.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 2.160.000 pcs./pallet
H 15mm 2.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 1.440.000 pcs./pallet

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